Front Door Security Options For Increased Protection

With the increment in the rate of crime and burglaries, the security of the home might be the main concern of every homeowner. Talking about the security of your home, the front door security is the major issue with most of the homes. Fixing good locks does not complete the front door security, as the burglars now use many different methods for breaking into your home. The choice of material of the front doors is the staring point of making it safe and secure.

Wooden front doors are not always a good choice, because wood crack, twist and warp with the passage of time. In place of doors made of timbre, you can opt for composite doors, which are comparatively more durable. You should comprehend the fundamental home security practices for making your home secure from invasions. The construction of the front door is an important consideration in front door security. If you are opting for wood, then make certain that it is stiff hard wood with good amount of thickness, or else comprise of a metal covered construction.

Take a note of the doorframe and check whether the door fits well in the doorframe. Clearance in excess of 1/8-inches should not be present amid the frame and the door. There is another benefit of this sort of construction. Your home will be properly insulated and this will in turn, cut down your energy bills. Glass door panel is not recommended in front door security, as it can be easily broken. Still if you wish to stick to this choice, then you should also consider the installation of a plastic panel that is break resistant or can even fit decorative grille above the glass panel with the help of screws that cannot be removed.

If you wish to make sure that you have the perfect front door security, then a sturdy wrought iron front door will be the best choice among all the other available option. If you want to buy composite doors for your home, then you have a wide choice of styles as well as colors. This choice is a wise one for front door security, as this material has passed many a test and is time tested. You should not compromise the security of your home for saving some bucks. There are diverse kinds of composite doors that come with manifold locks that make front door security problem-free. Many recognized brands offer composite doors with unique security features. Some of the doors have appropriate fire regulations and the best thing regarding these doors is that these are reasonable as compared to other options.

Starting from locks, hinges and the strike plate every part of your front door should be strong enough to avoid any kind of break-in. Whichever, material you choose make sure that the door is properly installed and that proper screws and hinges are used. If you go with usual hinges, then they might provide proper front door security. This is why it is significant to go with hinges of superior quality. You get many security hinges like safety studs in the hardware outlets. Another form of security hinges includes the riveted pin door hinge. These are constructed with a longer pin contrary to the standard hinges. Another alternative is the pin security pivots that are non-removable and make your front door security more advanced.

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